Japanese gas heating equipment being installed at schools and kindergartens

2019-11-06 13:29:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Gascom’ company has been implementing a project ‘Gas solution’ since 2018, replacing low pressure stoves of schools and kindergartens in ger areas of the capital city with gas heating system.

Within a tender ‘Improving air quality’ announced by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the company has introduced the gas heating system produced by Rinnai Corporation of Japan in the school and kindergarten No.129, which is located in Bayankhoshuu, from September this year.

Rinnai Corporation is internationally recognized company with its installation of gas heating equipment and devices. Hiroyasu Naito, Executive President of Rinnai Corporation and Kokichi Kusakawa, Executive Director of ‘Kusakawa Kogyo’ Company that is responsible for the assembly and installation, arrived in Mongolia to be acquainted with introduction of the system on the site. They expressed satisfaction with the progress of the work.

Mr. Hiroyasu Naito said “Our corporation is marking its 100th anniversary this year and there was no accident caused by our equipment in this period. This is a guarantee of our work. Most importantly, I am happy with Mongolian and Japanese engineers are jointly implementing the work and creating clean and warm environment and condition for children and citizens of Ulaanbaatar city.”  Since the gas heating equipment of Rinnai Company based on smart system, they are energy efficient and productive, he noted.  


Director of the school No.129 G.Bat-Otgon said that we used to spend MNT 80-90 million annually to consume 460-480 tons of coal. Apart from saving money and labor force, it is crucial that the children and parents are living in smokeless environment.