Yonhap News Agency launches “koreanow.com” website

2019-09-10 13:50:25

Seoul /MONTSAME/. South Korean key newswire, Yonhap News Agency launched a brand-new website for its English YouTube news channel, "KOREA NOW", on September 9, 2019. Later in the afternoon, an event to celebrate the launch of the website and KOREA NOW surpassing 100,000 subscribers was held with executives of Yonhap News, Yonhap News TV, and Yonhap Infomax.


The new website, "koreanow.com", will act as a window to news on Korea and create a space for people to discuss issues related to the Korean Peninsula. It was designed to be compatible with all platforms including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones and offers an optimized page for each device. This makes it possible to watch KOREA NOW YouTube channel videos in the highest resolutions. The simple web page layout and large images enable the viewers to solely focus on the video contents.

KOREA NOW started its official service on October 1 last year and has been delivering news on the Korean Peninsula related to politics, security, and culture through its YouTube platform.


Since then, KOREA NOW held exclusive interviews with Former UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, South Korean Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-wha, comfort women and their families, K-POP groups Mamamoo and WANNA ONE, and updated news on Korea’s top culture icon, BTS. It has also played an active role in reporting security issues on the Korean Peninsula such as the North Korean nuclear negotiations.


With the recent addition of ‘60 Second Headlines’, KOREA NOW delivers two daily news at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m (KST) every weekday. There has also been a notable increase in the number of contents uploaded per day from two videos in the beginning to five or more videos today.


Foreign viewers from the U.S., Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, etc form 97 percent of the subscribers, creating a public platform to discuss issues related to the Korean Peninsula.


Following its launch, KOREA NOW reached over 100,000 subscribers in just 11 months last Monday. Based on the channel growth rate, hitting over 300,000 subscribers within this year also seems possible.


“We are trying to provide a wide range of content focusing on the North Korean nuclear issue, the very scene of "Hallyu" (Korean Wave), the lives of our Korean youth, and the leading lifestyle trends in Korea.” “Our aim for this channel is to offer a platform of communication, where anyone interested in Korea could come together, enjoy, and share information on Korea.”, said KOREA NOW’s Editor in Chief Shin Ji-hong.




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