Asian Jiu Jitsu Championship kicks off

2019-07-18 12:21:59

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The 4th Asian Jiu Jitsu Championship kicked off at the Wrestling Palace yesterday on July 17. It is the first time for the Mongolian Jiu Jitsu Federation to organize the tournament in Mongolia.

Over 400 athletes from 24 countries, such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, UAE, Jordan, Iran, Japan, the Philippines, India, Republic of Korea, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Thailand, and Russia, are participating in the continental championship.

19 referees of 13 countries will also be officiating the championship. President of the Mongolian Jiu Jitsu Federation Kh.Erdenebaatar reported that there are three Mongolian referees working as a part of the referee team.

He then said, “A total of 408 athletes will be competing in 4 events: Ne Waza, Fighting Jiu Jitsu, Contact Jiu Jitsu, and Duo System in the Asian Jiu Jitsu Championship and the Asian Junior Jiu Jitsu Championship. 62 athletes will be representing Mongolia in the senior championship, while 47 athletes will be representing Mongolia in the junior championship. The top athletes of Asia have gathered here for the championship.” The U16 championship is being organized as a challenge for the athletes in preparation for the Children of Asia Games 2020, which will take place in Ulaanbaatar.

The athletes are to face off against each other in men’s 56 kg, 62 kg, 69 kg, 77 kg, 85 kg, -94 kg, and +94 kg, and women’s 45 kg, 48 kg, 52 kg, 57 kg, 63 kg, -70 kg, and +70 kg weight classes in the Ne Waza, Fighting Jiu Jitsu, and Contact Jiu Jitsu events, and with no weight classes in the Duo System event at the continental championship.