Over 1,000 swans gather at Duut Lake

2018-10-11 16:32:10

Sukhbaatar /MONTSAME/. Each autumn, thousands of white swans gather at the steppe of Dariganga, Sukhbaatar aimag, feasting people’s eyes, just by their existence. This year, over 1,000 swans gathered at Duut Lake and Ganga Lake in Dariganga. However, compared to the previous years, there have not been that many people who came to watch the swans.

Year after year, swans gather at Ganga Lake. Yet this year, most of the swans have gathered at Duut Lake instead. The specialists at the nature reserve are guessing the reason for this may be due to the lake shrinking. They counted the number of swans two days before.

It is impossible to tell how many days the swans would stay, the locals say, they could leave the lake any morning. Ever since the earliest of days, the great beauty of birds has always made the Mongolian steppe even more exquisite. For this reason, there is a local myth that it is good omen if you see the swans gathering while on the road instead of purposefully going to see them.