Chinese association donates boxing equipment of MNT 400 million

2018-02-09 14:01:23
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Sunday Boxing Association (SBA) in XilinGol League, Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region granted boxing equipment worth of MNT 400 million to Mongolian boxers. The donation includes 10 boxing rings, 100 gloves and 100 headgears and was handed over on February 5.

International Master Ts.Amarjargal who succeeded in continental, global and Olympic games in 1980s, encouraging success of Mongolian boxing with his significant achievements, established relations with the association.  “When I was working in Hohhot as a boxing coach a student of mine proposed me to work in XilinGol League in 2016 and I started to work there with general coach R.Enkhbayar, head of Sunday Boxing Association. Sun Shin is a chief member of the association who sponsors fighting sport. We talked about current success and development of Mongolian boxing and he wanted to render technical support to Mongolian Boxing Federation (MBF). MBF will mutually help to the Sunday Boxing Association and I am happy that we are broadening cooperation” said Ts.Amarjargal.

“I am aware that Mongolian boxers have made great successes on Olympic, world and continental rings and I decided to support them,” noted Mr.Sun Shin.

Ts.Batnasan, Secretary General of MBF expressed his confidence that the cooperation will broaden more in the future, underlining “We have many highly skilled teachers and coaches and Mongolian coaches played a significant role in achievements of Chinese boxers”.