‘Aduu’ brand calcium supplement entering world markets

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2017-09-20 10:11:47
Infants have approximately 300 bones in their body when they are born and it reduces to 206 when they hit adulthood. Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the bones become brittle and fragile from loss of organic substance. According to the World Health Organization, osteoporosis is not infectious but is usually caused by heart disease, cancer or diabetes. Scientists explain the spread of osteoporosis in the 21st century due to nutritional and environmental changes. Mongolian scientist and chemist D.Demberelnyambuu’s ‘Aduu’ calcium preparation is making a valuable contribution to curing osteoporosis.
Of all the living beings on earth, horses have the strongest bones. Horse bones are scientifically proven to have the most organic substance than other animals, such as protein, collagen, growth hormone, micro elements and minerals which are beneficial to the human body. Although a horse is 3-4 times heavier than a human, its calcium intake is 30 times higher which means that horse bones have a high capacity to restore human bone cells. Also, horses are immune to hoof-and-mouth disease and rabies. Mongolian horses live in prairie pastures with fresh air and clear water. Therefore, their meat and milk can be treated as a remedy for the human body. Just like how the composition of maternal milk resembles a mare’s milk, horse bones have also a similar structure as human bones. Chemistry scholar D.Demberelnyambuu’s product, ‘Aduu’ brand’ calcium preparation is manufactured by the scientific research company ‘Monchemo’ LLC. The calcium preparation is produced in a similar composition as food. Therefore, the product has high digestibility with no side-effects.
Most imported calcium preparations in Mongolia have cheap mineral components such as lime calcium, shells of various sea animals and snails. Also, synthesized organic acids such as lemon and gluconate calcium have foreign components for human bones. These are less absorbent, have slow digestibility, are gas ducting, produce countervailing stomach acid, and increase blood pressure which ultimately causes heart disease. Because of the minerals’ components, these products are instructed to be used only once a day. However, under the World Health Center’s standard, D.Demberelnyambuu set his goal to solve these side-effects by monitoring the healing process of bone density and osteoporosis with modern technology and instructing consumers to use ‘Aduu’ brand calcium preparation if required. Calcium preparation varies by carbonate, citrate and biological. ‘Aduu’ brand’s biological calcium preparation of ‘calcium hydroxyapatite’ has more liquid solubility than the other types. With an experiment, 97 percent of the calcium was dissolved in 30 minutes in a saline solution similar to stomach acid.
D.Demberelnyambuu created artificial menopause in collaboration with Korean Scientists by taking the ovary of an experimental mouse and experimentally proved a rapid decline in osteoporosis by feeding horse bone calcium to the test subject in a comparative experiment.
Thousands of people have used the calcium preparation made from Mongolian horse bones and 90 percent of them have shown good results in a short period of time. From these results, the supplement shows no side-effects on the human body and its high assimilation has been proven. Most importantly, the supplement is unique with its biological components.
‘Aduu’ brand calcium increases the density of thinned bones. Also, the supplement is enriched with glucosamine, collagen and necessary vitamins (C, D3, K vitamins, folic acid and minerals such as copper, zinc, manganese and boron) to improve the durability of a bone. Calcium, magnesium, collagen, growth hormones, micro and macro elements in human bones are lost as a whole during arthritis and osteoporosis. Therefore, biological bone nutrition was created in order to provide the lost substances of proteins, vitamins, minerals and microelements as a whole.
The product received honorable awards such as ‘Mongolia’s Best Exporting Product of intellectual Capacity’ in 2009, international ‘National Industrialization-Ecological Product’, ‘Best Product of Mongolian Engineer’s First Session’ in 2010, ‘Best Product of Science and Technology Research’ in 2012, ‘Best Product of Mongolian Trade and Industrial Sector’ in 2013, ‘Best Science Product’ in 2015 and ‘National Key Product’ award in 2015.
In recognition of his valuable contribution to Mongolian science, Dr. D.Demberelnyambuu was awarded Tgs 100 million by the Government of Mongolia for the ‘Best Science Product’ with his creation in 2015. ‘Monchemo’ LLC has started exporting ‘Aduu’ brand calcium preparation to the Republic of Korea and Japan. Also, the demand for the company’s sanitary products such as ‘Tamyedin’, ‘Chimodin’ and ‘Sanitol’ is steadily increasing.
The company’s pharmaceutical industry and the research laboratory that was established in 1998 are operating in the Baganuur district. The industry manufactures around 20 kinds of medicines and biological supplements. When visiting the industry and the laboratory, D.Demberelnyambuu shared his research and industrial projects.
For instance, he designed a new process for making clean coal to reduce air pollution in Ulaanbaatar. Using this production would provide high quality cheap fuel to Ger district households and reduce toxic fumes from automobiles. Considering the current economic potential and slow construction process, he expects his design would make a valuable contribution to reducing air pollution.
D.Demberelnyambuu also developed technology to use Erdenet mine’s white dust waste to manufacture construction materials. Furthermore, he created a substance that solidifies dust particles which causes respiratory disease. By spraying the substance, the dust particles will cease to rise in a wind. As such, scientist D.Demberelnyambuu shared quite a few plans and ideas that could help develop the country.
The chemical scientist explains the balance of acid and alkali “If a fire were to break out in a human body, the extinguishing substance would be alkali”. Most of the spring diseases are caused by the imbalance of acid. Therefore, healthy food consumption became a global issue. Children’s food supplements are being tested and ready to be manufactured in Monchemo’s laboratory.