President of Mongolia Visits National Factories

2023-02-13 11:22:01

Ulaanbaatar, February 13, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The Resolution No. 36 on “Measures to Ensure Food Supply and Safety”, initiated by the President, was adopted during the plenary session of the State Great Khural. In the coming five years, MNT 1.7 trillion was planned to fulfill the domestic needs of 19 types of food products domestically. For 2023, MNT 236 billion was included in the state budget, of which MNT 130 billion will be allocated to soft loans for enterprises. 

According to the resolution of the Ad Hoc Committee of the State Great Khural, dated January 11, 2023, at least 30 percent of the total loan shall be granted to individuals and small and medium enterprises, engaging in agricultural production, to expand their capacity, and over 10 percent of the loan shall be granted to import substitution industries and export-oriented projects step by step, depending on their performances and the loan interest shall be 3-4 percent. 

The president of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh visited national factories within the framework of the “Food Supply and Safety” National Campaign

“Esun Od” LLC

The “Golden Gobi” chocolate by “Esun Od” LLC entered into the market in 2004. Today, the company produces more than one hundred types of products. This year, “Esun Od” LLC introduced a new technology of chocolate production and planned to put the complex chocolate factory with museums and shops into operation in Nalaikh district, Ulaanbaatar for tourists. Six domestic factories meet only nine percent of the chocolate market, whereas the export products account for 93 percent. “Esun Od” LLC has been aiming to meet 12 percent of the domestic needs of chocolate alone in the next five years. The director of the company said that the lack of specialists and decisions related to intellectual property and VAT caused considerable difficulties in operation. 

“SUU” JSC, Mongolia's first dairy factory. 

"SUU" JSC, Mongolia's first milk factory, was established in 1958 with a capacity of producing 30 tons of milk to provide milk and dairy products to the population of the capital city. Now the company has more than 500 employees and the capacity to produce 70 types of 130-180 tons of milk and dairy products per day. The factory collects milk from the doorsteps of more than 2,500 suppliers in over 30 areas around Ulaanbaatar and in Tuv, Darkhan, Selenge, Orkhon, and Khentii aimags during the four seasons. Since launching the program to establish cooperatives for milk suppliers in 2022, the company has established 12 cooperatives and is planning to increase it to 22-25 this year. Moreover, the company established “Max Agro,” an intensive animal husbandry farm, in 2015 and became the leader in this field. 


“LBH Technology” LLC 

The “LBH Technology” LLC has been conducting research and manufacturing products in the field of biotechnology since 2019. The company supplies the mineral supplement “Mimo” for animals and livestock. The “Mimo” not only enhances the health and immunity of livestock but also improves the digestibility of a feed by 10-20 percent. Moreover, it decreases feed costs by 10-20 percent, increases the milk and meat yields by 10-15 percent and 20-25 percent, respectively and neutralizes and exudes toxins in livestock.