Seed reserve for spring sowing adequate

Economy | Agriculture
2017-04-24 17:07:14
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “54.3 thousand tons of wheat seed is required for this spring sowing. Land farmers have 39.8 thousand tons of seed from their 2016 yields, Crop Farming Supporting Fund has 4.6 thousand tons and state reserve has 5.8 thousand tons, the rest 4.1 thousand tons of seed has been circulated and we have the essential seed reserve for the 2017 spring sowing”, said Ts.Bolorchuluun, Head of Department of Crop Production Policy Management at the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry today, April 24 during a press conference.

He also reported that entities and land farmers have fully reserved the required amount of seeds for potato cultivation that is 39.5 thousand tons. The Ministry has given a permission to 8 entities to import 850 tons of seed.

At the moment, spring sowing preparations including of technical readiness are taking place across the country and some measures are being taken to import certain technology and equipment. “In specific, we are negotiating the purchase of equipment on a USD 10 million loan from the Russian Federation and USD 24.5 million loan from the People’s Republic of China”, he said.

B.Unenbat, Director of the Crop Farming Supporting Fund also informed that some 1300 entities and individuals had requested aid from the fund in connection to the upcoming sowing. The Crop Farming Supporting Fund will render fuel, fertilizer, seed sanitation, plant protection and technological aids to land farmers.

Following their briefing, the officials also answered questions by reporters. “Mongolia has been fully supplying its domestic wheat demand in recent years, and we will achieve the same result this year if this year’s harvest meets the set targets. 45-50 percent of potato demand is fulfilled by domestic land farmers. In frames of the Third Crop Rehabilitation Campaign which is reflected in the 2016-2020 action plan of the Cabinet to be continued, we are working towards fully supplying domestic vegetable demand in the next 3 years”, Ts.Bolorchuluun said.