Land farmers meet to discuss 2017 goals

Economy | Agriculture
2017-04-17 11:20:29
Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ During his opening speech at the National Symposium of Land Farmers which took place last Friday, April 14, P.Sergelen, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry informed that 458 thousand ha land will be cultivated for sowing in 2017.

In particular, 381.6 thousand area will be sowed this spring inclusive of 362.1 thousand ha for wheat, 15.1 thousand ha for potatoes, 8.5 thousand ha for vegetables, 23.2 thousand ha for fodder, 28.6 thousand ha for oil plants and 1 thousand ha area for fruit.

From this, the agricultural industry has set an objective to harvest 498.5 thousand tons of grain including 477.6 thousand wheat, 166.5 thousand tons of potatoes, 102.1 thousand tons of vegetables, 46.4 thousand tons of fodder, 22.8 thousand tons of oil plants and 4 thousand tons of fruit.

To reach this goal, some 1360 entities and individuals are preparing for seed and oil plant sowing on the national level and 468 entities and 35 thousand households for vegetable, potato and fruit planting.

Attended by over 500 land farmers from the capital city and 21 provinces of Mongolia, the symposium addressed the 2017 objectives of the industry and measures and technologies to be adopted including ‘Young Land Farmer’ and ‘Agricultural technology leasing’ projects.