Weather forecast until February 13

2017-02-06 11:44:08

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Information and Research Institute of Hydrology, Meteorology and Environment forecast the weather of this week. Starting today, snowfall and storm is expected in central, eastern and gobi regions of the country. Particularly low temperatures are to be expected in eastern parts of country, the report warns.

Starting from February 10, temperatures will generally rise in western, central and gobi provinces of the country whereas weather will be warmer in eastern provinces starting February 11.

After February 10, western provinces will see -12-17 degrees Celsius at night and 0-5 degrees at daytime.

In central provinces of the country, snowfall is expected in western parts on February 13. After February 10, temperatures will reach -15-20 Celsius at night and -1-6 Celsius at daytime.

In eastern provinces, snowfall and storm is expected in most parts on February 7 and eastern parts on February 8. After February 11, night-time temperatures will reach -14-19 degrees and day-time temperatures -7-12 degrees.

After February 10, gobi provinces will see -9-14 degrees Celsius at night and -3 to +2 degrees at daytime.

As for Ulaanbaatar, temperatures will remain between -10-15 at daytime and -19-28 at night until February 10, Friday. A slight snowfall is expected Tuesday night.