Regional Logistics Center to be Established at the Zamiin-Uud Land Port

2024-06-03 17:24:21

Ulaanbaatar, June 3, 2024 /MONTSAME/. Technical and economic feasibility studies and blueprints to transform the Zamiin-Uud land port in Dornogobi aimag into a free economic zone are being formulated as part of the Port Revival Policy of the Government of Mongolia.  


The Government of Mongolia plans to develop land ports in eight locations, namely Zamiin-Uud, Ulaanbaatar City, Khushigiin Khundii, Altanbulag, Sainshand, Bichigt, Choibalsan, and Khovd. The development involves the construction of logistics terminals and centers through public-private partnerships. Zamiin-Uud Port features, as a junction of economic corridors and a connecting hub among the three countries. The Zamiin-Uud Port’s capacity expansion work has been completed, enlarging its checkpoint area eight times to 9500 square meters. Also, 30 transport facilities for passengers and 28 for cargo, and infrastructure were renewed.


“The Zamiin-Uud land port has the significant advantage of being well-connected to road and railway networks, enabling it to receive shipments from Tianjin, the most strategically located port in China, one of the largest economies in the world. However, due to space shortage in its container storage area and customs warehouse, the transport of shipments from Tianjin port became congested, making it slow and expensive. These kinds of issues show the lack of unloading machines, infrastructure, logistics, and capacity of ports. The planned development of the land ports will solve these problems,” the National Committee on Port Revival of Mongolia informed.

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