French Cyclist Biking Through Mongolia's Harsh Winter

2024-02-29 10:31:56

Ulaanbaatar, 29, February 2024. /MONTSAME/. In the extreme climate of Mongolia, French citizen François Lemonsel continues his four-year journey of cycling around the world. 

Currently, he has traveled to 28 countries. François Lemancel mentioned on his social media, "I'm in Mongolia now. It has been two months since I came to Mongolia. What a wonderful trip. After four years of cycling, I felt a sense of embarking on a genuine journey. Despite its extreme and cool climate, Mongolia is home to warm-hearted people. A few days ago in Mongolia, the lowest temperature of -38°C (-44°F) was recorded, a coldness not experienced in the last 60 years. The nomads are in panic, attempting to find fodder for their livestock, but millions of animals have perished in recent days. During this challenging period, I was welcomed into their homes and received assistance from the locals. In this traditional Mongolian ger [yurt], I enjoyed moments of comfort, indulging in local food and drinks, particularly Mongolian alcoholic beverages. It is worth observing that Mongolia is also admirable in wintertime."

Translated by: Bilguun Erkhembayar