Rare Exhibits Used during the 18th-Early 20th Centuries Lunar New Year Celebrations Displayed

Art & Culture
2024-02-08 09:41:07

Ulaanbaatar, February 8, 2024 /MONTSAME/."Mongol Lunar New Year" Exclusive Traditional Exhibition dedicated to the Lunar New Year of the Wood Dragon was opened. More than 100 exhibits, including traditional utensils, games, items used for offerings, and ornaments, are displayed at the Exhibition.

During the Hunnu Empire, the Mongols referred to a plentiful autumn month as “Milk Month” and celebrated the New Year. Since the 13th century, Chinggis Khaan made the Lunar New Year a national holiday. When spring came, and the auspicious first moon of the spring appeared, a tradition was established, where shares were distributed to the elders, the Nine White Banners were worshipped, Kurultai was convened, and many noyons and officials of subordinate provinces came to greet the Khaan.

In the 17th century, when the Undur Gegeen Zanabazar became the first Bogd, this state holiday was celebrated together with a religious holiday, and it has been celebrated continuously until now. Through the "Mongol Lunar New Year" Exhibition, Mongolia's traditional rituals, food and drink culture, greetings, traditional games, etc., will be introduced and disseminated to the younger generation. The heritage created by generations of artisans, preserved in the National Museum of Mongolia, will be promoted, along with introducing the design, role, and purpose of the exhibits.

Among the outstanding exhibits displayed in the Exhibition, National Museum's collection includes a thangka of the deity Lkham, created in the 18th century; a four-liter airag cup; traditional games “Khorol” and “Uichuur”; and an ancient daalin (snuff bottle bag) with double stitch embroidery. In addition, a silver dombo jug decorated with a dragon, used in the early 19th century, is being displayed to the public in its complete form.