"Mongolia Open Innovation and Co-creation for SDGs” 2023 is Continuing Its Mentoring Program

2023-09-18 14:41:33

Mentoring Activities under "Mongolia Open Innovation and Co-creation for SDGs” 2023 program initiated by the representative office of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in Mongolia and organised by KITE Mongolia LLC and JUGAMO NGO has started.

The program's primary objective is to facilitate the advancement of technology, expertise, financial resources, and innovative solutions among entrepreneurs through strategic collaboration to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations. A diverse spectrum of 137 organisations, encompassing private and public sectors as well as governmental and non-governmental bodies from Mongolia and Japan, actively participated in proposing innovative solutions. 40 projects presented at the MICS 2023 Forum from which 10 projects were selected into a mentoring program that extends to February 2024.

JICA Mongolia Office will provide up to a MNT 50 million implementation grant to "3D Printed Hybrid Fashion with recycled waste" project by INMO studio and Hyborg start-up and "One Day Job" project by Tab Solutions and Call Pro LLC. At the opening ceremony of the mentoring program on September 15, 2023, KDDI Corporation from Japan, a gold sponsor of the program, presented a grant of MNT 15 million to "Healthy Parents, Healthy Kid project" by Songino-khairan general hospital given importance of healthcare prevention and knowledge while SOS Medica Mongolia Hospital, a silver sponsor, and Trade Development Bank of Mongolia , a bronze sponsor, supported the "EDU-MICS" project by Shine Mongol Academy, JAPAN AI Consulting and DX Mongolia with MNT 15 million, increasing the value and importance of the program.

About the program Chief Representative of JICA Mongolia Office, Mr, Tanaka Shinichi, noted "I am gratified by the program's holistic approach, which embraces a multitude of critical dimensions. The program supports innovative ideas and innovations, provides funding, and connects them with investors to address social issues in Mongolia, thereby strengthening the partnership between Japan and Mongolia, while realising the goals of SDGs”.

The MICS 2023 program was co-organized by the Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Economy and Development, Ministry of Digital Development and Communications, KITE Mongolia LLC, and JUGAMO (Association of Japanese School Graduates). Supporting organisations include Business Innovation Agency of Ulaanbaatar Municipality, Mongolian Foundation for Science and Technology, National Information Technology Park, MCS Investment LLC, TESO Investment LLC, and "Invescore Ri Cycle" investment fund, as well as information technology and non-governmental organisations dedicated to nurturing startup businesses.


"Mongolia Open Innovation and Co-creation for SDGs" program will be convened annually, welcoming participation of all individuals aspiring to actualize innovative concepts.

For video: https://youtu.be/SFd1SC2_sWk?si=VbT8kd14i7HhvX5X