MSE Renews the TOP-20 Index

2023-01-27 16:54:37

Ulaanbaatar, January 27, /MONTSAME/. Banks, insurance companies, and financial organizations have significantly impacted the Mongolian capital market. It can be seen in the recent renewal in the composition of the TOP-20 index of the Mongolian Stock Exchange (MSE).


Half of these 20 companies are from financial organizations. Following changes are made in the TOP-20:

  • “Makhimpex,” “B D Sec,” “Darkhan Nekhii,” “LendMN” NBFI, and “Talkh-Chikher” JSC have been removed from the index,
  • “Golomt Bank,” “Central Express CVS,” “Bogd Bank,” “Sendly” NBFI, and “State Bank” has been included as new constituent to the index composition from banking and financial sectors.

Two joint - stock company has a market capitalization of MNT over 1 trillion among the registered companies of MSE. One of the leading national enterprises is “APU” JSC, and the other is “Golomt Bank.”


According to the Mongolian Stock Exchange, 15 stocks have remained as component security based on the performance of the stocks in 2022, and 5 new stocks are all banking and financial organizations.


The Executive Director of Mongolian Stock Exchange, Kh. Altai informed renewing the composition of the TOP-20 index once a year under the “Regulation on Securities Price Index Calculation” of the Mongolian Stock Exchange. The criterion of the composition of the TOP-20 index is the performance of the stocks, trading effort, and the amount of the stock offering to the public.

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