National Contest “Mongolian Calligrapher 2022” Organized for the 26th Year

2023-01-20 14:31:34

Ulaanbaatar. January 19. /MONTSAME/. The winners of the 26th National Contest “Mongolian Calligrapher 2022” were honored at the opening ceremony of the exhibition of the best calligraphy works. 

The contest is organized in seven categories with over 1000 participants from nine districts and 21 aimags. Khuvsgul, Dornogobi, Dornod, Dundgobi, and Bayankhongor aimags' participants sent the most number of works. Mr. S. Jigmedsuren, 100 years old, was the oldest participant in the contest. He sent his work for the 25th time this year. While the youngest was J. Undral, a second-grade student of secondary school No.131 of Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar.  


The contest's most prestigious award - the right to study at the National University of Mongolia and the Mongolian National University of Education with a scholarship - has been granted to six 12th-grade pupils. To date, over 80 people have been awarded these scholarships.  

In her opening remarks delivered at the awards ceremony, Director-General of MONTSAME Mongolian National News Agency E. Sodontogos highlighted that MONTSAME Mongolian National News Agency is committed to further promoting the intellectual wealth of the Mongolians to the world.  

"As stipulated in the Law on the Mongolian Language approved by the State Great Khural in 2015, a decision has been made to conduct the Government services in a dual script - the traditional Mongol script and the Cyrillic script from 2025. It is my pleasure to underscore that MONTSAME News Agency will put concerted efforts in making its "Khumuun Bichig" newspaper, a weekly and a daily newspaper and further expanding the scope of the National Contest "Mongolian Calligrapher," she added.  

President of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh participated in the awards ceremony and handed over the prizes to the winners of the contest. In his remarks, the President emphasized that the number of Mongolians living around the world is increasing and the Mongolians living abroad are passing the traditional Mongol script down to the next generations, making tremendous contributions to the great cause of guarding our cultural immunity. 

“In order to preserve and promote our national language and pass our cultural heritage and history down to the next generations, the Government services will start being conducted in a dual script from 2025. This is a valuable contribution by us, the Mongolians, to humankind's cultural heritage. Introducing modern technological advancements in the use of the traditional Mongol script will play an important role in ensuring the implementation of the Law on the Mongolian Language. Today, our scientists and engineers have developed and put into use the first version of the traditional Mongol script conversion software. Furthermore, the development and introduction of other necessary software, such as the traditional Mongol script spell checker, will be crucial for launching the dual script Government services in 2025. I, as the President of Mongolia, reflected in my Policy and Action Plan that special attention will be paid to the implementation of the Language Policy, and I reaffirm my commitment to supporting any initiative aimed at studying, teaching, and spreading the traditional Mongol script. One of the clearest manifestations of this is the Mongolian Calligraphy Exhibition “Script of the Eternal Sky,” which is held annually under the auspices of the President of Mongolia with aims to encourage and publicize the works of the students who are diligently studying, and teachers, calligraphers, and artists who are tirelessly teaching and spreading the traditional Mongol script. It is of high significance to make "Khumuun Bichig", which has made a notable contribution to streamlining the use of the traditional Mongol script over the past 30 years, a daily newspaper.” said the President of Mongolia. 

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