Mongolian athletes win 11 medals at Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam

2022-06-27 16:49:58

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. As part of the 2022 IJF World Tour, the Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam tournament was successfully held at Steppe Arena in Ulaanbaatar city between June 24 and 26.

A total of 255 judo athletes from 30 countries tested their strength in the tournament co-organized by the President's Office and the Capital City Governor's Office under the auspices of the President of Mongolia.

During the 'Ulaanbaatar-2022' Grand Slam, the Mongolia's national team won the first place with 2 gold, 4 silver and 5 bronze medals. As for the quality, the team took the third place.

This time, teams from Japan, Russia, South Korea, France, Germany, Italy, Israel, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan took part in the tournament with large composition. As for the host country, a total of 55 athletes competed from Mongolia.

In 14 weight categories, 11 out of 55 athletes, who represented the Mongolian team, grabbed medals and 8 out of them won prizes. In other words, one in five Mongolian wrestlers who participated in the Grand Slam won a medal, and one in three wrestlers won a prize.

Previously, Mongolia successfully hosted the ‘Chinggis Khaan Cup’ in 2009-2012 and the Grand Prix in 2013-2016. The IJF World Series, which was suspended since 2016, has now been upgraded to the Grand Slam.

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