Chief of Staff of the President’s Office makes working visit to Sweden

2022-05-04 17:28:12

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. In the framework of the One Billion Trees national movement initiated by the President of Mongolia, Chief of Staff of the Office of the President Ya.Sodbaatar became acquainted with the Ekebo Research Station of the Swedish Forest Research Institute, the Swedish-based Nordic Genetic Resource Center, and the Sveaskog state-owned forest company’s tree nursery in Hallsberg. 

The country is greatly experienced in putting its forest resources into economic circulation by planting and rehabilitating forests. During the visit, the Chief of Staff became informed about the Swedish Forest Research Institute’s operations that involve conducting basic studies and research on forest management, economy, forest genetics, and impact on the local ecosystem. 

As for the Nordic Genetic Resource Center (NordGen), the organization currently preserves the seeds of over 1 million types of plants that are grown all around the world in its gene bank, and supplies seeds for the purposes of training and research alongside planting. NordGen CEO Lise Lykke Steffensen highlighted how it is important for all countries to safeguard their genetic resources as biodiversity is crucial in forest ecosystems.

During the visit, Chief of Staff of the Office of the President Ya.Sodbaatar exchanged views with representatives of the organizations on establishing seed farms in Mongolia in the framework of the One Billion Trees national movement, protecting plant genetic resources, and potential opportunities to involve Mongolian specialists in training for professional development.

Of about 400 million tree seedlings and saplings annually prepared in Sweden, 140 million are prepared by the Sveaskog state-owned forest company for the demands of public and private organizations. The company is in charge of managing 14 percent of the country’s productive forest land.

At the company’s tree nursery in Hallsberg, some 20 million seedlings and saplings are annually prepared with the use of automated equipment. The seedlings and saplings grown at the nursery become ready for planting in a year.

In Mongolia, there are over 200 tree nurseries running operations with a total capacity of supplying about 10 million seedlings and saplings each year. However, in order to reach the objectives that have been set by the One Billion Trees national movement, it is necessary to increase the national capacity by tenfold. Thus, it is important to boost the capacity of domestic tree nurseries, introduce modern technological solutions and innovation, and develop an appropriate method of management in the forestry sector, highlighted Chief of Staff of the Office of the President Ya.Sodbaatar.