Strong impact of policy

2022-01-20 16:23:44

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ For the first time, the Parliament established an Ad Hoc Committee on Ulaanbaatar City Development Policy on May 28, which was a highly significant event for the capital city and its citizens.  

The Ad Hoc Committee, composed of 26 members, who joined to work together for the development of the city regardless of their party affiliation has made significant role on the passage of the Law on the Legal Status of the Capital City of Ulaanbaatar. In other words, as a result of the Ad Hoc Committee's initiative and efforts, the capital city gained a special status that allows the capital city's governor to be present in cabinet meetings,  interacting directly with the prime minister and other cabinet members.

The Ad Hoc Committee has proven in a short period of time that it is not just a capital city lobby group in the parliament, but an important structure for defining the capital city's policy. Members of the Ad Hoc Committee participated in drafting of the Law on the Legal Status of the Capital City of Ulaanbaatar, and now in drafting the City Charter.

G.Zandanshatar:  The ad hoc committee should provide policy support

Speaker of the Parliament G.Zandanshatar:

2022 is a specific year for the capital city. For the sake of citizens, members, regardless of their party affiliation should work together to solve many problems facing to Ulaanbaatar,. The ad hoc committee should provide policy support. D.Sumiyabazar, the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar and the Governor of the Capital City, is doing a great work of resolving the chaotic urban planning, congestion caused by uncoordinated land allocation, and other issues that have arisen over the past 30 years.


E.Bat-Amgalan: Members, elected from rural constituencies will surely join the ad hoc committee

E.Bat-Amgalan, Chairman of the  Ad Hoc Committee on Development Policy of Ulaanbaatar, Member of Parliament:

Besides twenty-four members, elected from Ulaanbaatar, S.Byambatsogt who is elected from Khovd aimag, and D.Unurbolor from Selenge aimag have expressed their readiness to cooperate with the Ad Hoc Committee. Problems facing to Ulaanbaatar is not problem only of the people living in this city. Therefore, members elected from constituencies in countryside will surely join the Ad Hoc Committee.