Interest expressed in introducing Hungarian food and agricultural technology in Mongolia

2021-11-19 14:55:14

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On November 18, the Embassy of Hungary in Mongolia organized a meeting under the theme, ‘Hungarian agriculture - 2021’. In her opening remarks, Ambassador Borbala Anna Obrusánszky highlighted the large potential of cooperation between Hungary and Mongolia in the supply of organic products, and especially in the technology used in organic food production. 


She then expressed the interest of Hungarian companies in introducing innovative solutions and technology for the sectors of agriculture, food production, and light industry in Mongolia, and implementing a joint project on establishing a small and medium enterprise.


From the side of Mongolia, representatives of domestic companies, such as Molor Trade, APU, Alpha Foods, Makh Impex, Tavan Bogd, Naran Group, Devshil, Mongol Makh Export, and supermarket chains such as Nomin and E-mart attended the meeting and became acquainted with operations of Hungarian companies that specialize in agricultural processing and production such as Baranya Invest, Sampo, Agrometal, Dilaco lighting, Babolna TETRA, Agrofeed, and Hevesgep virtually. Some of the representatives of Mongolian entities and companies expressed their interest in technology and equipment used for meat processing and fodder production as well as greenhouse structures.


During the meeting, the two countries’ Food and Agricultural Ministers mutually extended greetings. 

Hungarian Minister of Agriculture István Nagy highlighted that the event is being organized for the very first time in Mongolia as well as plans to annually organize it in the future, and expressed his hopes of further development of bilateral cooperation in the sector of food and agriculture.



During the meeting, Hungarian Ambassador Borbala Anna Obrusánszky and Governor of Bulgan aimag B.Ariun-Erdene signed a Memorandum of Cooperation for the veterinary sector and tourism. More specifically, as Bulgan aimag has set one of its main objectives as to further develop agriculture and tourism, the aimag will be cooperating with the side of Hungary in preparing veterinarians, zoo technicians, and tourism sector specialists. In its framework, students graduating from high schools in Bulgan aimag as well as local youth that are interested in studying in the field will be involved in Hungarian government scholarships that are fully funded.