Projects on economic recovery presented

2021-11-19 11:46:00

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At the Cabinet’s regular meeting on November 17, the Minister of Finance reported on the progress in the Revival Policy for economic support and projects aimed at recovering the economy.

The Minister presented the characteristics, significance, finding source, cost estimates, and economic benefits of the projects on Erdeneburen hydropower plant, overhead transmission lines, Tavantolgoi thermal power plant, Choibalsan eastern regional thermal power plant, generators, Amgalan thermal power plant, Tavantolgoi-Gashuunsukhait railroad line, Zuunbayan-Khangi railroad line, Bogdkhan bypass line, oil refinery, pipelines, large capacity public transport, Darkhan leather and hide processing plant, upgrade of border checkpoints, Tavantolgoi coal plant, Altanshireet industrial park, Orkhon-Ongi, and Erdenet copper plant.