Newly-elected legislators take oath as parliament members

2021-10-21 12:48:14

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Members of the ruling Mongolian People’s Party Ts.Iderbat and E.Batshugar, who won the by-election by majority votes, took an oath as members of the parliament today.

The rights of candidates Ts.Iderbat and E.Batshugar as parliament members have came into effect after reading out the oath, “As a representative of the Mongolian people, I swear that I will uphold the interests of all citizens and the country, respect the state and historical and cultural traditions, uphold and observe the Constitution, be free from corruption and conflicts of interest, and faithfully perform the duties of a parliament member. If I break this oath, I will be held responsible.”

MPP candidates Ts.Iderbat and E.Batshugar led the ballot in their respective electoral constituencies by receiving 17,264 and 28,537 votes. The votes were manually recounted at all 148 polling stations and the results verified the accuracy of the voting machines.

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