Discussion on draft ‘Basic guidelines for 2022 State Monetary Policy’ held

2021-09-07 17:13:35

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The first discussion on draft ‘Basic guidelines for 2022 State Monetary Policy’ was organized by the Bank of Mongolia on September 6.

During the discussion, Bank of Mongolia (BoM), National Development Agency (NDA), The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, World Bank, International Finance Corporation, Mongolian Sustainable Finance Association (MSFA) and The United Nations Development Programm (UNDP) presented their research works done on ‘Inclusive Economic Growth’ and ‘Climate Change and Sustainable Green Financing’.

As global income inequality, quality of life,  and climate change is negatively affecting the long- and mid-term sustainable economic growth, the sides concluded that it is important to take immediate measures, and develop and implement long-term results-oriented policies and strategies.

The study suggested the importance of long-term, sustainable and consistent unified policy, private sector initiatives, technological advances, and international cooperation to achieve tangible results.

The draft of the ‘Basic guidelines for 2022 State Monetary Policywill be submitted to the autumn session of the State Great Khural for an approval.