Mongolia-U.S. to expand cooperation in protection of cultural heritage

2021-07-25 13:06:21

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Minister of Culture of Mongolia Ch.Nomin received the U.S delegates led by Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman at the Choijin Lama Temple Museum yesterday.

At the outset of the meeting, Minister of Culture Ch.Nomin emphasized that Mongolia has its own unique heritage in the world and the establishment of a separate Ministry of Culture is an indication of how Mongolians respect and value their culture.

The Minister also noted that the establishment of the Ministry of Culture has enabled Mongolia to cooperate more broadly with countries on cultural issues and that major legal reforms have been made to regulate modern cultural relations, including the adoption of the Law on Culture and the Law on Cinematography. Moreover, she presented that the Government of Mongolia has made appropriate changes to the visa issuance regulation, deciding to permit the issuance of visas in ‘K4’ classification for foreign nationals arriving in Mongolia to make films.

The joint film production of the two countries will not only help Mongolian filmmakers and artists to learn experiences from Hollywood, but also to promote their history and heritage to the world through film, and to develop the country’s film industry.

The two sides also expressed satisfaction with the progress made in the protection and preservation of cultural heritage, especially in the transfer of illegally trafficked cultural properties to the Mongolian museums.

At the end of the meeting, Minister of Culture Ch.Nomin thanked US Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman for the exchange of views on cultural cooperation between the two countries and expressed hope that it would make an important contribution to strengthening cultural cooperation between the two countries.