President Battulga decrees Noyon Uul as state-worshipped mountain

2021-06-22 12:52:41

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. President of Mongolia Battulga Khaltmaa has issued a decree No. 81 to make the Noyon Mountain (Noyon Uul) within territories of Bornuur and Batsumber soums of Tuv aimag and Mandal soum of Selenge aimag, a state-worshipped mountain. 

The presidential decree says that the Noyon Mountain is now made state-worshipped mountain commemorating the 2230th anniversary of the foundation of the Mongolian Statehood – the Khunnu Empire (Hun Empire) and calls for government and non-government academic, historical and cultural organizations as well as the people accelerate and broaden studies, research, safeguarding and promotion of the history and heritage of the ancient Khunnu Empire – the ancestors of the Mongolian people. 

According to the decree, making the Noyon Mountain a state-worshipped mountain will promote the respect for the ancient sacred place of the Noyon Mountain as well as the nation’s shared past and historic legacy, and nurture patriotism and national immunity of the Mongolian people. The president’s decision was made in reference to the proposals put forward by the public, civil society organizations and scholars and historians. 

On May 18, 2021, a ceremony to hand over the copy of the presidential decree to corresponding government organizations was held at the State Palace, with Governor of Selenge aimag Sh.Orgil and Chair of the Citizens’ Representatives’’ Khural of Tuv aimag Ts.Jambalsuren and officials from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, ministry of Culture and Mongolian Academy of Sciences. 

The Noyon Mountain stores in itself the tombs of Mongol nobles and other cultural findings dating back to the Khunnu Empire period. A funeral site made up of hundreds of elite burials at the Noyon Mountain occupies was identified in 1912 and was excavated in 1924 by the Tibet-Mongolian expedition led by famous Russian explorer Pyotr Kuzmich Kozlov.

From ancient times, Mongolians have been practicing a culture and tradition of protecting, loving and worshipping the mother-nature while harmonizing them with their way of living in high awareness of essential bonds between the nature and human being. A vivid historical example of this is that presidents of Mongolia have decreed to worship at the state level - Altai Tavan Bogd, Altan Khokhii, Burkhan Khalduun, Gobi Gurvan Saikhan, Dari Ovoo, Otgontenger, Sutai, Suvarga Khairkhan, Khan Khokhii and Noyon Uul mountains, which have unique natural formation and conserve historical and cultural tracks. Being under special state protection, these sites are visited by the President of Mongolia once in four years for worshipping along with the locals. 

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