Mongolian sheep wool fertilizer being exported to Europe

2021-06-15 18:03:30

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ National producer Monpellets LLC is manufacturing 100 percent organic fertilizer pellets from sheep wool and exporting it to European markets besides supplying the product domestically. The company’s director B.Tsogbadrakh said, “We carried out a feasibility study into making a fertilizer from sheep wool with the European Union and the German Government. The quality fertilizer was created as a result of 10 years of work” He spent a great amount of time on research and experiments and finally built the factory in Mongolia after it was confirmed in Germany that the fertilizer has high nitrogen content and is of good quality. 

Monpellets opened its factory in the fall of 2018 and has been exporting its product to Germany since last year. It has also started working with local herders, farmers and businesses. 

The company is planning to export the  chemical-free organic fertilizer, made by processing wool into pellets without using water, to Turkey. Requests for product samples have also been made from France, Britain, and other European countries. The product is the first organic product to be listed by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, headquartered in Switzerland, from Mongolia. 

Another local producer Eco Wool LLC is exporting an insulation material made from sheep wool to Japan. The company produces a high quality insulation material using sheep wool, some properties of which makes it suitable for insulating buildings. The company received MNT 6.4 billion funding from the Development Bank of Mongolia as part of the SME promotion project. Thanks to that, Mongolians are now not only domestically producing a high-performance insulation material domestically, but also selling it abroad. The insulation material called Khaan Noos is in high demand on the Japanese market. Mongolian sheep Fleece has hollow hair textures which separate heat very well. The product is also durable and fire and insect resistant.