Mongolian cashmere being exported to Italy by land for the first time

Economy | Agriculture
2021-06-03 16:16:21

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ 60-70 percent of Mongolia’s total cashmere is exported after primary processing. Increased focus is being given to reducing and eventually stopping export of washed cashmere and increasing production and export of value-added products.

Today, 20 tons of cashmere that meets international quality requirements and standards was shipped to Italy. 10 of the 20 tons of cashmere holds the Mongolian Noble Fibre certification mark, which certifies that the product is made with 100 percent high quality wool and cashmere sourced from Mongolia, meets Mongolian and international standards for textiles and woven products, and fully complies with quality standards in environmentally-friendly manufacturing.

Khanbogd Cashmere company has previously been exporting its cashmere to Italy in 90 days through China and this time, by land, the cashmere will reach its destination in around 20 days. 

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