An online event on youth involvement on environmental issues to be organized for deaf youth

2021-05-28 15:57:42

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The Mongol Ecology Center is organizing its first online event for deaf youth as part of the Youth Sustainability Corps program. 


The event is being organized under the 'Empowering Deaf and Hard of Hearing Youth to participate in Sustainable Development Mongolia' project selected for this year's Direct Aid Program funded from Australia's aid budget. 


The project aims to empower deaf and hard of hearing youth to participate in the sustainable development of Mongolia by educating them about their civil rights and developing their skills to participate, monitor, and collaborate for the use of best practices in managing Mongolia's natural and cultural resources.


B.Yanjim, founder of Mongolian Independent Living Center for Deaf Women and Deaf Education Teacher, and Kara Stella, Deaf Service Coordinator at the Yosemite National Park, USA, will speak on the topic, 'Youth Involvement in Environmental issues' in the online event. The event will be held on the Zoom meeting platform at 10 AM on May 28. 


"I aspire to make every contribution I can to protect the environment and to take matters into my own hands against waste pollution," said one of the guest speakers, B.Yanjim.


"It is my pleasure to inform everyone that I am working with remarkable people to contribute to the ecological education of deaf youth. I am grateful to the Mongol Ecology Center team for the encouraging offer to learn, gain experience, and work together. I hope I can contribute to help deaf youth learn about protecting the environment, healthy and safe lifestyle, and the harms of waste pollution and become upright members of society."

The other guest speaker Kara Stella said, "I am a hearing sign language interpreter from the United States. I started learning sign language when my childhood best friend temporarily lost their hearing to a disease. I liked learning sign language more than studying at school. I have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to work as Yosemite National Park's deaf service coordinator."


"The reason I became a ranger is to protect and preserve the wilds. I believe in the interdependence between us humans and nature. In the online event, I will try to make the youth understand the inseparable bond we all have."


About the event, B.Erdenesuvd, Program Coordinator at Mongol Ecology Center, said, "A sign language interpretation accompanies the event on the environment and youth involvement for deaf youth, so hearing youth are welcome to participate as well."


To see the event page on Facebook, click here.