Tsatsal being kept at local museum

Art & Culture
2021-05-07 11:48:32

Uvs /MONTSAME/ A tsatsal, a special carved wooden spoon used for specific offerings, featuring a text in Tod Bichig (Clear script) is being kept at the Museum of Uvs aimag. The text on the tsatsal is about making offerings.

Twelve zodiac animals were also carved on the two sides of the handle that has vajra shaped end. The neck of the tsatsal has the Queen Coach pattern. 

The artifact made by Choirombal, a carver of Tes soum of Uvs aimag, was added to the museum’s collection in 1954 by local museum employee B.Sambuu. Clear script is an alphabet created in 1648 by the Oirat Buddhist monk Zaya Pandita for the Oirat language.



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