Series of consultation meetings held on ‘100 projects and activities to be implemented in the leading sectors’

2021-04-16 19:39:58

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Within the framework of the “100 PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES TO BE IMPLEMENTED IN THE LEADING SECTORS”, a series of consultation meetings with representatives of international organizations, private sector and professional associations were organized.

Within the first 100 days of the Government, the National Development Agency (NDA) along with the Cabinet Secretariat and the Ministry of Finance have been tasked with compiling a comprehensive list of “100 PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES TO BE IMPLEMENTED IN THE LEADING SECTORS” and ensuring coordination between the government and the private sector.

Projects that have an impact on national and long-term development are included in the list according to an international evidence-based approach, taking into account not only economic benefits, but also social, environmental impact, and accessibility to the population which have become requirements for international funding.

The list of 100 projects, which was jointly developed by the Ministry of Finance and the National Development Agency in three stages and three scenarios, aims to see the development picture of our country in the long run and to accelerate its implementation. Within the framework of this list, 2 consultative meetings were held online with representatives of international financing organizations, private sector and professional associations on April 13 and 15, 2021, respectively.  On Monday, the consultative meeting with the city and local authorities will be held online. As a result, the integrated proposals of 3 consultative meetings will be finalized.

The National Development Agency will continue to explore the possibility of introducing innovative internationally accepted financial mechanisms without increasing the budget burden and raising the debt ceiling.

The meeting, held on April 13, 2021, was attended by more than 40 representatives from more than 10 international organizations, including the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the Asian Development Bank, and the World Bank. The meeting was opened by S.Oyun, Director of External Relations of the Green Climate Fund, which is the largest fund for climate change in the world, about the high cost and scarcity of financing raw coal-based projects, which are the backbone of our economy. Also, she touched upon the importance of implementing environmentally friendly and green criteria to ensure project readiness, while other international organizations have raised the issue with her in unison.

Representatives of the international organizations expressed their support for the 100 projects list, and stated that they will support the NDA’s work on selecting few relevant projects and include them in the Pitch book to be published by the NDA, and conducting risk assessment and preparation for international funding for each selected project.

The next meeting, held on April 15 with representatives of the private sector and professional associations, was attended by more than 80 guests, including representatives of Mongolia's largest business group companies, emerging start-ups, business associations and professional associations.

The consultative meeting lasted more than two hours, and participants emphasized that it was an innovation for public organizations to openly share their development policies and discuss policy support opportunities and cooperation with the private sector.

D.Enkhtuvshin, Vice President of MCS Group, and U.Ganzorig, President of Mandal Financial Group, emphasized the need to focus on innovative financial opportunities for project implementation, explore opportunities for public-private partnerships, and prioritize policy succession and sustainability. Director of Gerege company, N. Enkhjargal said that the private sector should not compete with the public. G.Javkhlantugs, Policy Director of AmCham Trade Department, stated about the possibility of continuing projects without politicization. E.Orchlon, Investment Director of NewCom Group, introduced their major projects, the possibility of collaboration and other participants and business representatives emphasized their opinions about the 100 projects.

The series of meetings was moderated by B.Bulganchimeg, Deputy Chairperson in charge of Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Cooperation, who presented the comprehensive reforms initiated by the NDA on the legal environment for investment, investor protection, promotion and e-services, which are essential for project implementation. Kh.Batjargal, Chairman of the National Development Agency, explained the importance of 100 projects, future plans and implementation coordination. He also stated the importance of Mongolia preparing more environmentally friendly green projects and putting them into economic circulation. B.Dulguun, Deputy Chairperson in charge of Research, Development Policy and Planning, answered questions about the listing methodology of 100 projects and their impact on the macro economy. The 100 projects will be announced to the public within 100 days of the government.

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