Central Bank to issue a commemorative coin for ‘The Hu’

Art & Culture
2021-01-21 16:46:58

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/.  The Bank of Mongolia (BoM) is issuing a new commemorative coin portraying the hunnu rock band "The Hu". Currently, the BoM plans to sell it from February. 

The Bank of Mongolia first issued gold, silver, brass, and nickel coins with a face value of MNT 1 on the 50th anniversary of the People’s Revolution in 1971. Since then, between 1976 and 2020, the Bank has issued 46 different commemorative items, including gold bullion bars, gold coins, gold-gilded silver coins, silver coins, and silver gilded copper coins, on the theme of historical events, anniversaries and endangered species.  


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