Mongolian interpretation of ‘Daichin Ulsiin Magad Khuuli’

Art & Culture
2020-12-30 18:07:28

Tuv /MONTSAME/. There was found a monument with Chinese inscription telling about the historic event of a decisive battle of Galdan Boshugtu Khan of the Dzunghar Khanate (Zuungar) of Oirat Mongols with Manchu Troops of the Qing Dynasty in a place called ‘Tarvagan Shiiriin Gatsaa’ (in Mongolian) near the Tuul River in Erdene soum of Tuv aimag.

The stone inscription had writings that wrote, “The stone inscription of Zuu Mod that was made according to the decree. Year 35 of Enkh-Amgalan. The red rat. The first day of the second month of summer. The day of the red dragon.”


It also continued to say that many went to Zuun Mod to fight with the Qing Dynasty’s Huandi Uuldiin Galdan, and wrote this note at the location after coming out on top. With the blessings of the sky, they were able to eliminate the enemies. On the way back, they came across more enemies. However, they won once more, bringing back the territory to its former “pure” state. The inscription was written on the boulder for the glory of the warriors.