Deer-shaped bronze badge

Art & Culture
2020-12-30 17:00:17

Bulgan /MONTSAME/ A bronze deer-shaped  teeg or badge is an ancient historical rare item dates back to the XII-III centuries BC.

Dr. D.Tseveendorj who led Khunnu-era archeological research team from the Institute of History of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences defined it as a very interesting item for academic research, which had never been found on the territories of Mongolia and neighbour countries before.

A thin, flat, bronze badge, weighs 65 gr, shaped like a lying deer was created with casting method. Deer’s ears, eyes and head were made artistically and two-humped deer was depicted with small pieces of metal that are attached above the round chest and buttock parts of the deer. 

An image of boar was also engraved on the round chest and buttock parts of the deer. This item is of historical significance with its artful creation and combination of several creatures.

Director of school No. 2 in Bulgan soum D.Tsermaa gave the bronze teeg to the aimag museum in 1983.