KIM JONG IL: “Let us reunify the country independently and peacefully through the great unity of the entire nation”

2020-12-17 15:22:12

                                                                        Letter to the National Symposium to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Historic Joint                                                                             Conference of Representatives of Political Parties and Public Organizations in North and South Korea April 18, Juche87 (1998)

It is not two different nations that stand in confrontation in the north and south of Korea, but it is one nation on the same land that is divided artificially by foreign forces.

The Korean nation is a homogeneous nation that has inherited the same blood and lived in same territory speaking the same language for thousands of years.

All the Koreans in the north, south and abroad belong to the same nation with the blood and soul of the Korean nation and are linked inseparably with the same national interests and the common national psychology and sentiments.

No force can ever split into two forever the single Korean nation that has been formed and developed through a long history, nor can it obliterate our nation and our national traits.

The present division of our nation into north and south is a temporary misfortune and a tragedy in the context of 5,000 years of its history.

The reunion of our nation that has been divided by foreign forces is an inevitable trend of our nation's history and the law of national development.

Great national unity must be based thoroughly on the principle of national independence.

National independence is the lifeblood of a nation; safeguarding independence is a fundamental guarantee for a nation's existence and development.

Only when we adhere to the principle of national independence can we defend the national rights and interests, shape the nation's destiny independently in keeping with the will and demand of our nation, and fully exercise our sovereignty on the international arena and develop the relations with foreign countries on the principles of complete equality and mutual benefit.

National independence is the source of national dignity and honor, pride and self-confidence, as well as the indomitable will and spirit of the nation.

If a nation loses its independence and fails to get rid of domination and subjugation by foreign forces, it will be unable to avoid humiliation and insult and being a ruined nation with its rights and interests, its traits and dignity downtrodden.

The entire nation must unite under the banner of patriotism, the banner of national reunification.

Loving one's country and nation and cherishing one's national traits are the common psychology and sentiment of the members of the nation.

 Ours is a nation with strong national character, cherishing ardent love for the country and fellow countrymen and treasuring and inheriting the national soul. Our nation's patriotic spirit and inherent traits form a strong ideological and spiritual basis of the great unity of the whole nation.

Moreover, to our nation that has suffered all types of misfortune and pains caused by national division, national reunification is a supreme national demand, and the banner of national reunification is the banner of common national struggle, the banner of great unity of the whole nation.

The entire nation must achieve great unity for the great common cause of the nation, on the basis of the inherent traits of the Korean nation.

The north and south must improve their relations in order to achieve the great unity of our nation.

When different ideologies and systems exist in the north and the south, denial of the other side's ideology and system will make it impossible to avoid confrontation.

The north and the south, on the basis of recognizing the existence of the different ideologies and systems, must achieve harmony, promote co-existence, co-prosperity and common interests and open the way to national reunification.

For the great unity of our nation, we must reject domination and interference of the foreign forces and fight against the traitors to the nation, the anti-reunification forces, who are in collusion with the foreign forces.

Domination and interference of the foreign forces is the major obstacle to the unity of our nation and the reunification of the country.

Our nation has been divided into north and south by the foreign forces, and the country and nation have not yet been reunified because of their domination and interference.

For the great unity of the nation all the Koreans in the north, south and abroad must visit one another, hold contacts, promote dialogue and strengthen solidarity.

Promoting wide-ranging visits, contacts, dialogues and solidarity among our compatriots is an important way to achieve the great unity of the nation.

Even though there is difference in ideologies, ideals, political views and religious beliefs within our nation, the fellow countrymen can build up mutual understanding and trust and pool their will and efforts for the common objective of the nation if they all freely travel, hold contacts and dialogues and strengthen solidarity.