Musk deer reintroduced to Bukhun Shar Range

2020-11-28 13:56:00

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ As part of the ‘Ensuring tolerance and stability of Mongolia's natural environment’ project, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the United Nations Development Programme are reintroducing Badanga Khuder or musk deer (Moschus Moschiferus) - one of the rarest animals in Mongolia whose population has been decreasing over recent years due to poaching - to its previous habitats.


Researchers began the preparations for the reintroduction of musk deer to Bukhun Shar Range stretching across Erdenemandal, Khairkhan, Ulziit, and Battsengel soums of Arkhangai aimag in April 2020 and the species were successfully captured and reintroduced to the target area this month. The musk deer were captured from Bulgan soum of Arkhangai aimag with permission from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. 


The reintroduction was carried out by a joint team of mammalogists of the Biology Department of National University of Mongolia, Mongolian Mammalogists Society NGO, Mongolian University of Life Sciences, and Gobi’s Great Animals NGO with support from the Department of Environment of Arkhangai aimag and local governments and citizens of the abovementioned soums. 


“When in danger, musk deer makes whistles and whining sounds. Other animals flee into safety by that signal. In other words, musk deer is the ‘forest police’”, Doctor D.Delegnyam once said. The reintroduction of must deer to Bukhun Shar Range will be of great importance in protecting not only the wildlife but also biodiversity and ecosystem services of the region.


The reintroduced musk deer are being monitored through wildlife camera and other environmental protection equipment by the local environmental organizations and rangers with support from the local community.