VIP ward opens at State Central First Hospital

2020-10-22 14:43:14

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ The state hospitals are legally allowed to use up to 10 percent of its all beds in paid medical assistance and service. Within it, the State Central First Hospital (SCFH) opened a VIP ward. 

Minister of Health T.Munkhsaikhan and officials got acquainted with the ward. During it, General Director of the SCFH N.Lkhajii said “ There is high demand of paid rooms in the hospital and each ward of therapeutic department used to provide paid service in its 1-3 rooms. Therefore, we decided to open the VIP ward. Moreover, the customers urge us to improve the conditions in the hospital.  Now it becomes possible for customers to receive medical services in favorable environment as paying the payment. Customers will only pay additional payment for the room and we will serve with health insurance for the medical treatments. ”