‘AR smart guide’ project launches at Fine Art Zanabazar Museum

Art & Culture
2020-09-25 16:51:27

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum has launched the project, ‘AR (augmented reality) smart guide’, in aims of introducing technological advancements in the museum’s operations and provide education on cultural heritage and arts for children and youth. 


In the framework of the project, highlights of the museum’s collections including religious arts, artworks, sculptures, works by craftsmen, and traditional crafts as well as historical artifacts found from excavations have been enriched with content on the AR platform for the visitors’ experience, which will be available from October.

With additional graphics, videos, photos, text, and audio, the AR guide brings the museum education to a new level alongside introducing an innovative technology to the Mongolian museum sector. An AR smartphone application is also planned to be developed for the highlights of the museum’s collections in the project framework.


The museum annually receives over 11,000 visitors, of which over 50 percent are children and youth.