Over 310 Takhi inhabiting Zuungar Gobi

2020-09-10 15:47:54

Gobi-Altai /MONTSAME/ By the beginning of August this year, there were more than 310 Przewalski's horses in the Dzungarian Gobi, with 23 harems and 3-5 bachelor groups.

Newly formed harems are grazing in more remote areas to prevent losing their herds to other adult stallions. This is also associated with an increase in the number of Przewalski's horses and the fights for harems.

A mare named Tara with Studbook number (6664), one of the three Przewalski's mares transported from Prague Zoo in 2019, was reported to have a foal on August 19. So far, Great Gobi B Special Protected Area has 44 newly born foals.

The harems of Darkhan and Nachin stallions graze on Tavan Ovoo, Uushig, Khuren Del and Yargait. It is currently the farthest grazing area.

Source: International Takhi Group