Study conducted to improve conservation of Taikhar Chuluu

Art & Culture
2020-07-27 15:41:30

Arkhangai /MONTSAME/ A study was recently conducted to enhance the conservation of Taikhar Chuluu inscribed granite monolith located in Ikhtamir soum of Arkhangai aimag.

The study was conducted by a group comprised of researchers and specialists of the Tangible Cultural Heritage Restoration Department of the National Center for Cultural Heritages and the Institute of Mathematics and Digital Technology, and the staff of Arkhangai Local Museum and the Cultural Center of Ikhtamir soum.

The group assessed the damages on the monument such as milk and oil stains, weathering and discoloration and environmental risks, developed a methodology for restoring the monument, and using the methodology, cleared the human-caused damages.

More conservation and restoration works are planned to be carried out based on the study results.