New cabinet ministers appointed

2020-07-08 16:38:13

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The Parliament of Mongolia today, July 8, approved new members of the cabinet, presented by Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh, yesterday July 7. The Steering Committee of the ruling Mongolian People’s Party, which holds majority or 62 seats in the 76-seat parliament - State Great Khural, convened on July 7, to approve the list of ministers to nominate for the cabinet. 

This is the first time Prime Minister of Mongolia appointing ministers of the cabinet in accordance with the recent amendments to the Constitution of Mongolia, which were adopted on November 14, 2019. The parliament, on July 7, approved the cabinet to have a total of 14 ministries, including 6 ministries of general function and 8 sectoral ministries. The newly-appointed cabinet members are:  

  • Deputy Prime Minister - Ya.Sodbaatar 
  • Head of Cabinet Secretariat - L.Oyun-Erdene
  • Minister of Environment and Tourism - D.Sarangerel
  • Minister of Defense - G.Saikhanbayar
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs - N.Enkhtaivan
  • Minister of Finance - Ch.Khurelbaatar
  • Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs - Kh.Nyambaatar
  • Minister of Labor and Social Protection - A.Ariunzaya
  • Minister of Construction and Urban Development - B.Munkhbaatar 
  • Minister of Education and Science - L.Tsedevsuren 
  • Minister of Road and Transport Development - L.Khaltar 
  • Minister of Culture - S.Chuluun
  • Minister Mining and Heavy Industry - G.Yondon
  • Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry - Z.Mendsaikhan 
  • Minister of Energy - N.Tavinbekh 
  • Minister of Health - T.Munkhsaikhan 

As the Constitution of Mongolia reads, a member of the government shall be appointed or dismissed after presenting to the State Great Khural and President of the Mongolia, Prime Minister Khurelsukh presented the new ministers to President Kh.Battulga today, and afterwards, the ministers took the oath to the Parliament during today’s plenary session of the parliament. 

Also the Constitution now allows only Prime Minister and up to 4 members of the government to hold the position of parliament member concurrently and to comply with this, following four members of the 17 ministers are current members of the parliament.  

Minister of Environment and Tourism D.Sarangerel 

Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs Kh.Nyambaatar 

Minister of Finance Ch.Khurelbaatar 

Head of Cabinet Secretariat, Minister L.Oyun-Erdene 

When appointing the cabinet members, it is said the principle to fill the positions with professional appointment based on the nominees’ qualifications and professional standards has been followed.