Three 3.7-4.1 magnitude earthquakes hit Gobi-Altai aimag

2020-03-27 13:38:07

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. 3.7-4.1 magnitude earthquakes hit an area in Tonkhil and Biger soums of Gobi-Altai aimag in Mongolia and the residents reported they have felt shaking. 

In particular, at around 6 PM of March 26, an earthquake of 3.9 magnitude hit near Tamch bag of Tonkhil soum, reports the Emergency Management Agency. 

Also at around 03 AM of the same day, quake measured 3.7 magnitude hit the place named Nogoon Shand in Biger soum and at around 04 AM, another 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit the Tonkhil soum. 

Most residents felt the shaking of the three latest earthquakes, there have been no reports of any damage.  

Earlier on March 20 and March 24, there have been five earthquakes measured from 3.6 to 5.8 magnitude in Gobi-Altai aimag.