Shares of 'Ulsyn Ikh Delguur' and 'LendMN NBFI' increase in price

2020-02-28 17:50:20

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On February 28, 2020, 240,147 shares of 22 firms worth MNT 39,396,598 were traded. 5 companies’ shares increased in price and 17 companies' shares declined. 

‘Ulsyn Ikh Delguur’ JSC (UID +4.00%) and ‘LendMN NBFI’ JSC (LEND +2.43%) were the top performers whereas ‘iTools’ JSC (ITLS -4.19%) and ‘Mongolian post’ JSC (MNP -3.70%) were the worst performers. 

The MSE Top 20 Index decreased by 0.35 percent, reaching 19026.15 points. The MSE market capitalization stands at MNT 2,747,141,923,579.90.