WHO presents laser treatment equipment to State Central Third Hospital

2020-01-30 10:30:56

The World Health Organization has presented laser treatment equipment to State Central Third Hospital. Laser treatment equipment for eye therapy and retinal disorder is an investment that makes a highly significant contribution to the development of optometric health care and services in Mongolia, especially in increasing variety of services for eye treatment offered in state-owned health care institutions, building the capacity of doctors and specialists, and making it more accessible for citizens.


Treatment for eye pressure--the leading cause of blindness that has full potential to be avoided in Mongolia is currently being conducted only at the State Central First Hospital, creating long wait times for citizens. About 16,000 citizens are also involved in eye examinations at the State Central Third Hospital annually, of which about 2,500 citizens requiring laser treatment are sent to private-owned hospitals.


Thus, laser treatment technology is in high necessity to be introduced to healthcare institutions due to the demand.The donation of the laser treatment equipment for eye pressure and retinal disorder to the State Central Third Hospital is highly important in solving the pressing issue.

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