Up to 50 percent of ballots can be recounted in 2020 Parliamentary elections

2020-01-16 16:33:17

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Yesterday, January 15, General Election Commission (GEC) delivered a report on preparation works of the upcoming 2020 Parliamentary Elections. 

Head of the GEC Ts.Sodnomtseren said that the recent amendments to the Law on Parliamentary made corrections to any shortcomings and challenges encountered when organizing previous elections in the country and outlined more detailed regulations for controlled disbursements and transparency. He further said the law enables recount on up to 50 percent all ballots in the elections.

The distribution of election constituencies will be finalized by the Parliament before February 1, Mr. Ts.Sodnomtseren says. The amendments to the Election Law enables the 2020 Parliamentary Election to be held with plurality-at-large voting system. 

Since the beginning of the year of elections until the end of polling day, organization of any public events aimed to win votes and distribute gifts (in kind or in cash) is prohibited according to the law. Fines of MNT 20 thousand to individuals and MNT 200 thousand will be imposed for any actions failing to comply this during this period. However, current members of parliament are allowed to meet with voters in person to present their report of work of their tenure. 

Moreover, officials of the Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia reported that the they are working with Facebook company to take necessary measures to prevent from spread of misinformation on the platform during the elections.  

It was reported that the GEC had submitted its proposal to parliament on scheduling the elections on June 24, 2020.