Shadow economy fluctuates at 9.2-15.7 percent of GDP

2020-01-14 15:39:53

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The National Statistical Office of Mongolia released a report on research made on the informal economy of Mongolia between 2015 and 2018. The report shows that the share of shadow economy in the country’s GDP has been fluctuating at around 9.2 – 15.7 percent in the last decade. 

As of 2018, the size of shadow economy was estimated at MNT 2.9 trillion, equaling to 9.8 percent of GDP. This share is made up of informal sector of 52.3 percent (such as unincorporated household enterprises), underground and artisanal mining of 42.3 percent, which totals MNT 1.2 trillion. 

In the last decade, the informal economy showed a double-fold increase, regardless of its decline by 18.2 percent compared to 2015. In particular, the size of illegal production grew by 5.3 times, including prostitution and sale of illegal drugs. The number of unincorporated household enterprises lowered by 27 percent during 2010-2015 and annual income of each household enterprise was around MNT 22.6 million, the report says. 

There are more than 57 thousand enterprises operating in  sales and service and maintenance industries, constituting 48 percent of the informal economy and annual production for each employer equaled to MNT 11.6 million, which increased by 45.9 percent since 2013. Men make up 53.3 percent of employees of household enterprises and women are 46.7 percent.