InvesCore Group to partner with China’s Alibaba Group

2020-01-09 13:52:51

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On January 8, InvesCore Financial Group of Mongolia and China’s Alibaba Group signed a cooperation agreement on establishment of Business Center in Mongolia. A launching of the Business Center is scheduled to take place in March, 2020 and it will function in broader range including educating e-commerce traders, providing business consulting and connecting business owners with Chinese market.

The Center plans to conduct training on Global e-Commerce Talent Program that runs by Alibaba Business School at first and train professional personnel who will work in directions of e-commerce.

Within its mid-term global strategy, Alibaba Group is working to help 10 million small and medium businesses, to have 2 billion customers and to train one million e-commerce specialists until 2023 through its Alibaba Business School.

InvesCore Group of Mongolia operates in finance, fintech, AI development and business consulting and it is intending to broaden its operation further and enter into international market.