Karakorum Ice Festival – annual ice climbing championship approaching

2019-12-03 17:23:29

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On December 7 and 8, Karakorum Ice Festival and Climbing Championship will be organized in the Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall in Orkhon aimag.

The tournament, organized since 2012, upon the initiative of the Mongolia Expeditions and Tours LLC and State Honored Athlete, climber G.Usukhbayar, is well known among local people and ice climbing fans from abroad as ‘Ice Challenge Mongolia’.

The Karakorum Ice Festival aims to develop winter sports and ice climbing, which has become not only new trend of extreme sport amateurs but also national brand event to attract ice climbing athletes to Mongolia, encouraging winter tourism.

Last year, the competition gathered 54 athletes of 11 teams from Mongolia and foreign countries and various winter tourism sports events, such as dog sledding and quad biking tours were organized during the event. 

This year, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Governor’s Office of Uvurkhangai and Mongolian Expeditions LLC and Mongolian National Climbing Federation are jointly organizing the festival.