Actress R.Ankhnyam creates role of PRC People’s Role Model elderly woman

Art & Culture
2019-11-29 16:50:20

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Actress R.Ankhnyam has played the role of Dugiimaa, the first person from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China to receive an honorary title from the PRC government. Having officially premiered recently, the film 'Song of Love' is to be shown throughout China from December.

One of the recipients of commemorative medal for the 70th anniversary of the country’s establishment was an elderly woman named Dugiimaa, with the award presented by PRC President Xi Jinping. Born in Xilingol aimag of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, she adopted 28 children in the early 1960s when she was only 19 years old. More specifically, she is the one that brought up the most number of children when the region offered to take in 3,000 children that became orphans as a result of a natural disaster in Shanghai.