U.Khurelsukh: Bichigt-Khuut industrial park should be established based on Sukhbaatar aimag

2019-11-08 16:45:52

Sukhbaatar /MONTSAME/. As a part of his working visit in the eastern region, Prime Minister of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh worked in Sukhbaatar aimag. During the meeting, he expressed that the railway industrial park en route Bichigt-Khuut that will pass through the eastern region of Mongolia should be established based on the aimag. With this, it is considered that infrastructure would not be as much of an issue. The PM is visiting the aimag in aims of becoming acquainted with some of the correlating issues.

With the railroad put into operation, about 10,000 new jobs will be created in the sector alongside putting about 200 mineral deposits of the eastern region into economic circulation.


Aside from the mining sector, it is expected that the railroad will have a crucial impact on the sectors of food, and animal husbandry as well as the leather industry and its logistics, further developing the region’s relations and partnership.


PM U.Khurelsukh said, “More specifically, the construction of the Tavantolgoi-Zuunbayan railroad is currently in progress. And the preparations for the construction of the Sainshand-Altanshireet oil refinery that will take place from next autumn has been completed. We are currently studying together with the corresponding professionals whether the oil should be transported through pipelines or railroad from the Tamsag area of Matad soum, Dornod aimag.” 


He also noted that various types of factories such as oil refineries and commodity factories can be developed when the industrial park is established in Sukhbaatar aimag.