Air quality monitoring devices installed in Bayankhongor aimag

2019-11-05 14:25:08

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. As part of ‘Smog-Free Bayankhongor’ initiative by UNICEF, SDC Mongolia and Bayankhongor aimag, a team led by Prof. Jay Turner from Washington University in St.Louis, Prof. Munkhbayar of Building Energy Efficiency Center of Mongolian University of Science and Technology, and UNICEF Mongolia specialists are working  in Bayankhongor aimag to establish a Reference Air Quality Monitoring Station (BAM 1020) which can measure and report PM2.5 concentration level on hourly basis, along with low-cost air quality sensors for a pilot study.

In addition, two sets of air quality monitoring devices will be installed in a kindergarten and at the local Health Center.